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Timing of Library

  • The college library will remain open for the purpose of study between 0800 hrs
  • The library will remain closed on Sunday & other holidays. During the vacation, the library will ordinary remain open from 4.00 pm, expect during stock verification. The timing of the library will be change summer vacation as per the direction of the Principal.

Rules for Lending Books at Home

  • Library books will be issued to the regular students for home leading only during the prescribed hour in every academic year.
  • One book will be issued for home lending against the Library card. Pure Reference books, issues of periodicals, magazines, and newspaper will not be allowed out of the Library or for home lending.
  • A requisition slip must be properly filled in & the same must be submitted to the library requesting for a book for home lending.
  • The books issued for home reading must be returned to the library within seven days i.e. on or before the last date marked on the slip in the book.
  • A fine of rupees 2/- will be charged for every day of delay. Persistent delay in returning the book /s issued for home lending will be penalized by withdrawal of the facility. While charging the fine, Sunday and holidays will also be considered.
  • The book may be issued for a week more provided there is no demand for the book from other students.
  • Books newly acquired for library will be available for reading in the study room as soon as they are ready for use. They will be available for home reading after three months of there being ready for use in the library

Rules of Reading Room

  • Books will be issued for reading in the study room in the library on producing the Library card. Books are not to be taken out of the library on any account. Infringement of this rule will make the defaulter liable to an automatic forfeiture of the Library Card.
  • At the time the book is issued for reading in the study room or for home reading, the student must satisfy himself / herself that the book is not damaged or that the pages are not missing or torn. If there is a damage or loss of pages or torn pages, it must brought do the notice of the library staff. Otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage, loss, or torn pages.
  • Book damaged or lost or torn pages

    If the book is lost or damaged by the students or if the pages are missing from the book, the value of the book shall have to be paid at the current price. If the book is rare or out of print & the cost of the book is too low, amount decided by the Principal must be paid.
  • Bonafide students and the teaching staff can use the library. No Ex-student or no outsider will be allowed to use the library expect by the approval of the Principal / Chairman

Library Rules for the Students of the College

  • Keep silence – Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Class wise planned day and timings are the restriction for the exchange of books.
  • Entry in the books ward prohibited for the students.
  • Students should not enter in to the library along with an umbrella, a stick, bag, raincoat, edible items and pet animals.
  • Students should handle the books carefully. Do not paint the pictures in the book or leave mark on with pen or pencil.
  • No library card will be issue unless students may deposit their photographs.
  • Every book should be return within seven days. Books returned after due date may be charge penalty Rs 1.(one) per day.
  • Students are excepted to inspect the books at the issue timing, otherwise if it found damaged at the time of remittance, full price will be recover.
  • Library cards are non transferable, misuse of result in to cancellation.
  • If library card last and the student applying for may be issued new card at the price fixed by library committee.
  • Full price will be recover if the book is last.
  • Following books will be made available only in the reading room:-
    (a)Reference books
    (b)Rare Books
    (c)Question papers
    (e)Scare books which less copies and more demand.
  • There will be restriction on the students to follow the existing and changing rules as per the need and time
  • No examination hall ticket, result C etc will be issued unless and until library books returned.
  • Students should follow the notified rules and instructions of the library

Library Rules for the Faculties of the College

  • The teaching staff may borrow five books at a time. Additional books can be borrowed by the teaching staff for their use with the permission of the Principal / Librarian.
  • Books must be returned to the library within 15 days from the date of issue. If necessary, with permission of the Librarian they can keep for 15 days more.
  • A Fine rupees 2/- will charged for every day of delay per book unless the permission of the principal is taken for the delay.
  • Pure Reference books are meant exclusively for use in the library only,& the same cannot be issued for home lending except with permission of Principal for use of over night only.
  • No latest issue of any periodical / magazine / newspaper can be issued for home lending. Only two back issue of any periodical will be issue for home lending at a time for a week.
  • Teachers are requested not bring walkman or any electronic instruments and eatables inside the library.
  • The staff of the college is also requested not be use cell phone when they are in the library, or keep it in silence mode and speak softly on the cell, in order to maintain silence.
  • All the books taken for home lending must be returned to the library before March 31 of every academic year for stock verification.
  • If the book is lost or damaged by any staff member, the same must be replaced or the current price of the book must be paid. If the book is rare or out of print & the cost is too low, suitable amount decided by the Principal must be paid.